Music video requirements

Please check that your music video meets the following requirements before submitting your application:

  • Music videos must be one minute in length.
  • Musicians may choose to add a filmed or spoken introduction to their music video (introduce yourself, what you play and your musical dream). In such a case, the video length can be one-and-a-half minutes. Videos longer than this will not be accepted to enter the competition.
  • Music videos must show the candidate’s ability to perform live, showing a certain artistic level.
  • Music videos must be creative and original, showing a certain level of presentation.
  • Candidates must compete as individuals but may be accompanied, in the submitted video, by other musicians or artists. In your application you will be asked to clarify who plays what instrument.
  • In the submitted music video candidates can play their own music, a jazz standard, or a pop cover. Please clarify which of the three you have chosen. If it is a jazz standard or pop cover, please provide details of the original version.
  • Candidates must upload their music video to YouTube.
  • Candidates are asked to submit the full length of the YouTube url of their music video in the application form. If Surprising Stars is not provided with the full url, the music video will not display correctly on the Surprising Stars website.