Jury of music experts – Surprising Stars 2018

Paul Scholer

(chairman jury)
President at European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY)

Paul Davids

Guitar player, YouTube Star & Teacher

China Moses

Singer-Songwriter & Radio Show Host

Robert Soomer

Artistic Manager Metropole Orkest

Ellen Andrea Wang

Double bass player, Composer & Singer

Jury rules 2018

The board and/or management of Surprising Stars appoints a jury of music experts. The jury will be composed of a chair and a minimum of four distinguished international musicians. The jury has a secretary at its disposal, who has no voting rights. All jury decisions are final. After pre-selection, the jury will select a maximum of three candidates, out of a maximum of 20 competitors, for the final round. The jury rates the quality of the musicians’ performance based on the following criteria: technique, originality, artistic quality and creative presentation.

The jury reserves the right to select fewer than three competitors, should the required standard not be achieved. Jury members shall recuse themselves from the vote for competitors who are related to them or who have been studying with them in the 12 months preceding the competition.

Jury members rate the candidates independent from each other and without consultation from other jury members. Each jury member composes a ranking of six candidates. The candidates then receive a score that is equal to their average ranking position. If a candidate is not in the ranking of one or more jury members, 7 points per jury member are added to the total number of points.

The three candidates with the fewest points are allowed into the final. In case of a tie, the jury takes a new vote. In the case of situations not described in these rules, the board and/or management shall decide after consultation with the jury chair.